Moringa Healing Lip Balm


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This lip balm has a smooth texture and it is rich in nourishing fatty acids contained in the unique high oleic (oleic fatty acid) sunflower oil, bees wax and shea butter are selected with moringa leaf extract which has natural collagen stimulating zeatin with another natural collagen stimulator red clover, for added pampering benefits.

Moringa World only deals in the highest quality moringa, no fillers are used and we only deal in naturally grown non irradiated moringa.



Our Moringa is grown in Salima central Region of  Malawi, Its grown mimicking natural forest where the tress are planted in a non intense manner. The soil of this area is so rich in nutrients that it does not require any artificial fertilizers. The annual rainfall is 1266.5 mm  making it suitable for the moringa trees. The Farmers in the area are being commissioned by Germany to grow coffee and moringa for export purposes and the Government has placed the Malawian Organic Growers association (MOGA) in charge to insure and train Farmers so that Organic practices are used to protect the soil and environment. Our moringa has been cultivated under this supervision. 

The MPK1/2 acclimatized seeds are used for the planting, trees are lets to reach human size before the harvesting commences by pruning back the trees and keeping them to the above mentioned size similar to the cultivation of green tea. The cut off branches are then taken to indoor facility, washed with saline solution, then hung to shade dry for the next 8-10 days. The leaves are then removed and collected to milled branches are used as fodder for live stock. All personal working with the leaves are required to wear mask, latex gloves and shoe gloves when entering the facility and handling the moringa. Sterile conditions are demanded and washing of hands at intervals is a process to which all the workers oblige to.

On sight small food grade electrical hammer mill then processes the leaves into powder after which the fine powder is placed in food grade plastic and doubled bagged in poli hessian  bag which is then sealed. All bags are recorded under a batch number of which a COA certificate is issued from a LAB that tests the produce for any contaminants.”



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